Marwell celebrates successful first year and signs new deal with Downhole Products

Source: press release, 14 May 2020

Installation of Maxwell MCC centralizers at Marwell’s new 1,500 square metre facility in Stavanger
Installation of Maxwell MCC centralizers at Marwell’s new 1,500 square metre facility in Stavanger (photo: Marwell)

Marwell has announced a successful first 12 months of operations, with the completion of over 18 projects. The company’s strong growth prospects have been further strengthened through the signing of a new partnership agreement with Downhole Products.

In the last 12 months, the company signed four strategic partnerships, including Maxwell Oil Tools, HP Well Screens, Metrol and Downhole Products. The new partnership with Downhole Products will focus on bringing its premium range of casing accessories to the Danish and Norwegian markets.

Specialising in wellbore construction and completion, Marwell collaborates with leading suppliers and service companies to offer tailored solutions that are not available elsewhere. In the Norwegian market, Maxwell composite bonded centralizers have been utilised in several challenging wells to solve problems such as high drag and ECD issues. Using ERA simulation software, Marwell models each downhole application. From this, the team customises the centralizers in order to improve cement job quality, reduce any restriction to the annular space and achieve maximum fluid bypass.

Several industry firsts were achieved in the last 12 months. These include the development of a carbon fibre tubing, used to strengthen an open hole junction for a lateral, and the design and installation of a mesh type screen specifically for a chalk reservoir. Working closely with a Norwegian oil company in the North Sea, Marwell installed four products including MCC centralizers, chalk screens and two of its bespoke in-house solutions. Marwell’s unique approach resulted in a combined estimated time and cost saving of USD 1.5 million.

Mike Williamson, Managing Director of Marwell, commenting on the Downhole Products partnership, says, “Known for its industry-leading products, we are very proud to partner with Downhole Products. With efficiency and reliability at its core, our businesses are a natural fit for collaboration.”

“The last 12 months have seen Marwell embark on a huge growth journey, both in terms of new partnerships and client relationships. As we celebrate our first anniversary, we are very proud of what we have achieved, and look forward to bringing further innovations to the market both through our partnerships and in-house solutions. Offering innovation and cost savings to clients in what is a challenging environment, we are able to realise savings of several days of rig time. These savings are more sought after now than ever before in the history of our industry,” Williamson continues.

Steve Miller, Regional Manager of Downhole Products, comments, “We are delighted to work closely with the Marwell management team on this new venture for DHP in Norway. Having had success in Norway over the last decade we feel that the enhanced Marwell technical expertise mixed with the ever expanding DHP product portfolio will only improve the offering DHP is able to bring to our clients in the NCS region.”

Marwell is set to launch its own in-house products later this year, the first of which will focus on the dissolvables market. To further support future growth, a new dedicated MCC centralizer installation facility was opened in Stavanger. The 1,500 m2 facility has capacity for several hundred joints of casing per week and demonstrates the strong growth prospects for the MCC product line in the market.