ArcVera Renewables launches energy storage project technical service offering

Source: press release, 19 May 2020

photo: ArcVera Renewables
photo: ArcVera Renewables

ArcVera Renewables, provider of consulting and technical services for renewable energy projects with more than 40 years of global experience, is now providing expert technical, financial, and independent engineering services for stand-alone energy storage or hybrid projects.

With over 100 gigawatts of operating renewable energy projects supported across 6 of 7 continents, ArcVera is recognised as one of the top technical consultants in the industry. Leaning on its expertise in both high-frequency time series resource and energy storage, ArcVera will enable a reliable and durable integration of storage capacities into a renewable energy plant design.

Its evaluations will also include assessments of the manufacture and supply chain to assure the plant can be built and performs as designed. Post-construction, ArcVera will evaluate and advise operations, asset management, software controls, and best-practice maintenance.

“Energy storage technology is fast becoming an economic standalone or hybrid solution for renewable energy project developers. With our advanced technical expertise sitting at the intersection of resource and energy storage assessment, we can deliver the accurate and bankable insights they need to deploy storage capacities effectively. Such highly specialised skills are what clients want to be able to rely on to make confident project development decisions, lower their risks, and maximise project value,” comments Gregory S. Poulos, CEO of ArcVera Renewables.