The future is here: Rystad Energy hires 30 summer interns to train the next generation of experts

Source: press release, 10 June 2020

Keeping a one-metre distance, students filled Rystad Energy’s Oslo headquarters
Keeping a one-metre distance, students filled Rystad Energy’s Oslo headquarters (photo: Rystad Energy)

Rystad Energy has announced that it is moving ahead with its annual internship program and has hired 30 students from recognised Norwegian and international universities. This year’s cohort of interns will have the opportunity to work amongst and be trained by some of the world’s most respected analysts and consultants.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to the energy industry, staffing being among them, Rystad Energy has not only kept its total workforce intact but has also decided to move ahead and honour its promise to the next generation of energy professionals.

Keeping a one-metre distance, students filled Rystad Energy’s Oslo headquarters on Monday and got a first impression of our operations, workflow and values.

“It’s so great to have some of the energy industry’s future leaders with us. Offering opportunities to young talent is part of our vision as a company. These students will not only be trained to be top analysts and consultants, but also will refresh the way we address the energy transition as a company. They are encouraged to help us innovate and see things with fresh pairs of eyes,” Rystad Energy’s CEO Jarand Rystad says.

Of the 30 students, one third of the cohort are female and two-thirds are male, while 28 are located in Oslo, mostly hailing from Norway’s NTNU, NHH, and BI universities. Seven will be working in the Rystad Energy consulting department and the remaining 23 in the analysis department.

“These students are very bright and talented and will support us with sophisticated problem-solving. I’m impressed by their competence, especially within general modelling as well as within big data processing and artificial intelligence,” Rystad notes.

Haakon Ottem Svanes, a 20-year old Norwegian student who joined Rystad Energy’s gas analysis team, is planning on a career in the oil and gas industry and looks forward to using the internship to learn more about gas producers’ shift to greener and environmentally friendlier technologies.

“I don’t have a favourite commodity. I am looking forward to getting more insight on how oil markets will develop with greener technologies. These opportunities are very important. Especially now during the pandemic. I’ve noticed that most programs for autumn and the next year have pretty much vanished,” Svanes says.

In addition to oil and gas, Rystad Energy offers renewable energy and CO2 emissions data, consulting and analytics services to its clients, a point of interest for many of the new interns.

Dzenana Tiganj, a 25-year old student from Luxemburg who will work in Rystad Energy’s exploration and production department, says she aims to use this opportunity to learn more about renewable energy and how it will change the future’s energy mix.

“I consider myself a lucky one for this opportunity during these times of coronavirus. The energy industry is the driver of the economy and Rystad Energy is one of the top energy data companies out there. At the same time, it is a dynamic company that offers energy transition solutions and works towards renewables, which is exciting and important for me,” Tiganj comments.

Health, safety and the wellbeing of our employees and clients are essential. In addition to requiring a minimum distance between co-workers, the company is making sure the latest advice by the authorities to cope with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is followed. Rystad Energy takes actions to protect its employees’ health and safety by communicating regularly with all interns and regular employees.

To learn more about employment opportunities, visit the Rystad Energy Careers page.