Kongsberg Digital launches new benchmarking application on Vessel Insight

Source: press release, 16 June 2020

Vessel Insight Benchmark introduces a new data-driven method to gain insight into historic vessel performance
Vessel Insight Benchmark introduces a new data-driven method to gain insight into historic vessel performance (illustration: Kongsberg Digital)

Kongsberg Digital has developed Vessel Insight Benchmark, a new application for Vessel Insight users. The application introduces a new data-driven approach for gaining insight into historical vessel performance, enabling fleet managers and maritime executives to access key metrics for their vessels and compare them against vessels in the same segment.

Vessel Insight Benchmark provides dashboards which help evaluate the vessel operating profile against those of vessels of similar size and type. The application gives users an instant historical perspective that triggers discussions on improving vessel operations and supports already ongoing initiatives that aim to optimise cost efficiency.

“Our customers are always looking for ways to work smarter, enhance revenue and increase performance. Benchmarking is a proven approach, using a set of metrics to get a comparative view across companies and highlight improvement areas. Through key metric comparisons, Vessel Insight Benchmark users gain insight into their vessel’s performance compared to that of others, and allows them to optimise speed, voyage and vessel energy efficiency, among other things,” says Vigleik Takle, SVP Maritime Digital Solutions, Kongsberg Digital.

For Vessel Insight users, no additional onboard installation is needed to get instant access to key vessel metrics, as well as 2 years of historical data for similar vessels and segments. The service uses data from MarineBenchmark’s maritime statistical platform, which combines data from terrestrial and satellite AIS, the global ship registers and vessel statistics to provide insights.

“Vessel Insight customers can easily start using the new application for instant access to dashboards displaying fuel consumption, speed overview, overview of state, tons and miles and more. Knowing exactly how your fleet is performing is a prerequisite for improvement, and we want to provide our customers with the necessary insight,” says Takle.

Vessel Insight Benchmark supports both connected and non-connected vessels and is available to all customers using Vessel Insight. The application is available on the Kognifai Maritime Marketplace.

More information about the application can be found here.