IEA releases ‘Energy prices 2020’

Source: press release, 17 June 2020

From the gasoline interactive map
From the gasoline interactive map (illustration: IEA)

The IEA has announced the release of Energy prices 2020 edition, with data up to 2019.

The IEA Energy prices is the most reliable global database on end-use prices and taxes of energy products, using official sources with transparent and documented methodologies for each country.

The database includes annual energy prices data for more than 100 non-OECD countries, for gasoline, automotive diesel, natural gas, electricity and other products, and data on end-use prices and taxes updated quarterly for OECD countries.

In 2019, the global average price of gasoline was 0.91 US dollar per litre, a 2% decrease compared to the previous year. Government policy – in the form of taxes and/or subsidies – strongly influences how prices at the pump vary around the world.

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