TROVE Renewables Limited offers its treasure

Source: press release, 17 June 2020

photo: TRL
photo: TRL

Aberdeen-based consultancy TROVE Renewables Limited (TRL), a new business, is giving away a free global directory of Offshore Wind Energy.

TRL Managing Director, Mike Cooper, says, “We have been amassing renewables databases for the last 3 years, but we have taken the opportunity during the pandemic to separate and formalise a spin-off company. Growth by 2050 in some sectors of Renewable Energy is predicted to be tenfold, relative to current activity levels. We have taken the successful TROVE database model for oil and gas and developed new applications for the renewables industries.”

TRL products cover global offshore wind, UK onshore wind, tidal, wave, geothermal, CCS, gas storage, energy storage, solar and hydro energy. Cooper explains, “We call TROVE products KnowledgeBases since TROVE is not a simple database with numbers in a table. TROVE delivers maps, analytical tools and dashboards that help users get a deeper understanding of these industries. Additionally, there is an audit trail to assess the provenance and validity of the information. The products all contain powerful built-in analytical tools with visualisations and charts. TROVE KnowledgeBases go beyond information, providing insight and knowledge.”

For example, the extensive Offshore Wind KnowledgeBase includes existing and planned wind farms, turbine data, plant capacity and much more. Where TROVE Renewables stands apart from other commercial databases is the ability to see, at the click of a button, detailed maps, project histories and asset overviews etc. The current version contains the status and future plans for offshore wind with over 90 country summaries. TROVE provides detail to gain depth of understanding of the current renewable energy environment. We have details on over 750 wind farm projects globally, with more information being added daily.

“Starting a company in the midst of this pandemic is a little novel – looking to expand and grow when many are looking to contract or simply survive. In addition to the predicted challenges of starting a business in an economic downturn, there are some additional obstacles – for example many banks are not offering business account services to new businesses during the lockdown. However, we are confident there is a strong demand from many companies for information on renewables. Even during the pre-launch, the level of interest from potential clients has been fantastic.”

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