Azelio signs MoU with Trimark Associates in the US

Source: press release, 24 June 2020

Azelio’s thermal energy storage – clean power supply all hours of the day
Azelio’s thermal energy storage – clean power supply all hours of the day (illustration: Azelio)

Azelio’s MoU with US-based company Trimark Associates Inc. covers a collaboration over 45 MW capacity of Azelio’s energy storage until 2025 in the North American market, where Trimark will be the system integrator. In addition to this MoU, the parties anticipate an extended project pipeline once the first projects are initiated.

Azelio’s introduction to the US market continues with the signing of the MoU with system integrator Trimark. With its expertise in power system controls, Trimark will integrate Azelio’s long-duration storage in energy projects. Azelio’s storage solution can be coupled to PV, wind, or any other energy source to cost-efficiently supply renewable power 24/7. The first projects are targeting 150 kW in 2021, followed by 3 MW in 2022, 6 MW in 2023, 12 MW in 2024, and 24 MW in 2025.

California-based Trimark offers a fully integrated portfolio of services, ranging from hardware and software products to field installation, integration, testing, and ongoing maintenance of power plants. The company is contributing to “greening the grid”, supporting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The aim of the collaboration with Azelio is to position Trimark as one of Azelio’s regional partners for the integration of Azelio’s long-duration storage in renewable energy projects within North America.

“At Azelio we are excited to work closely together with one of the industry’s most experienced companies. Trimark’s innovative approach to energy system controls will help us develop a fully integrated storage solution. It will contribute to improving resiliency and reliability for end-users,” says Jonas Eklind CEO of Azelio.

“All of the Trimark team is excited about working with Azelio on their forward-looking technology. Long-duration energy storage is not only the vision of the California Control Area Operator, it also aligns with Trimark’s vison of Greening the Grid. Our developed Vantage control system has been successfully implemented for controlling Lithium-Ion storage systems. I am confident that Azelio’s Storage technology will also be effectively controlled with Vantage,” says Mark J. Morosky, CEO of Trimark.