Wind Vietnam Virtual 2020 #WVV2020

Source: press release, 6 July 2020

illustration: Leader Associates
illustration: Leader Associates

Win Bids, Deliver Projects, Optimize Progress

In 2020, Vietnam Government confirmed its approval in principle for adding at least 4,500 MW of wind energy to the current power development master plan (PDP VII) citing its concern of serious power shortage from 2023 due to significant delay of coalfired power plants. Potentially, with the current open position of the Government, a total of up to another 7 GW (instead of 4.5 GW) might be added to the master plan leading to a total capacity of close to 12 GW by 2025.

Wind Vietnam Virtual (#WVV) will provide a complete update of where the industry is headed to respond to Government Policy. During this one-day event, attendees will leave with not only a strategic outlook of Vietnam markets political support, upcoming tenders, contracts and project updates, but also a technical understanding of how to raise standards throughout the project lifespan.

August 12, @Your Desk | 9:00 – 18:00

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EVN Played an Important Role:

  • In order for construction to commence, a developer must first execute a PPA with Vietnam Electricity (EVN) – Vietnams only state-run utility.
  • The Vietnamese government now provides several incentives to foreign investors in wind power projects including 100% ownership, free transferability of equity, lower rates of income tax, exemption form or lower rates of property taxes and levies and customs duty relief on importation of equipment.

Key Topics at WVV2020:

  • GOVERNMENT PERSPECTIVE: Reflection on 2020 and Plans Ahead of Vietnam Wind Development
  • Vietnam Wind Project Case studies: EVN TBW, Super Energy, Mainstream Renewable Power, The Bule Circle, EAB New Energy
  • Towards Wind Supply Chain Excellence & Localisation
  • Bankability and Local Implementation


Cami Wang, Marketing Manager