Alfa Laval announces offer for all shares in Neles

Source: press release, 13 July 2020

photo: Alfa Laval
photo: Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval AB, a Swedish public limited liability company, and Neles Corporation have on 13 July 2020 entered into a combination agreement pursuant to which Alfa Laval will make a voluntary recommended public cash tender offer for all issued and outstanding shares in Neles that are not held by Neles or any of its subsidiaries.

In the tender offer, Neles’ shareholders will be offered a cash consideration of EUR 11.50 for each issued and outstanding share in Neles, valuing Neles’ total equity at approximately EUR 1,727 million. The members of the Board of Directors of Neles who participated in the decision-making have unanimously decided to recommend that the shareholders of Neles accept the tender offer.

Alfa Laval has identified the industrial flow control market as a key growth area. The transaction enables Alfa Laval to considerably strengthen its presence in the large industrial flow control space where the company currently offers mainly energy efficiency solutions. On the other hand, Alfa Laval believes there are several areas where being part of the Alfa Laval Group can make a significant contribution to the future development of Neles, such as leveraging Alfa Laval’s existing global platform.

Alfa Laval has a history of preserving and investing in the Nordic region, evidenced by its 5,400 strong work force of employees. Alfa Laval has a proven track record of entering adjacent markets through platform investments in quality companies and, after having built a significant industrial presence in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, Neles’ Finnish footprint will be completing Alfa Laval’s Nordic platform.

Neles is a global provider of flow control solutions and services. The company’s valves and valve automation technologies are known for quality, reliability and highest safety. Neles started trading as an independent company on 1 July 2020 following the partial demerger of Metso Corporation, but the business has a long track record with a history of more than 60 years of innovation.

The transaction is expected to result in significant benefits for stakeholders, including creation of shareholder value for both Neles and Alfa Laval shareholders. Alfa Laval believes that there is a strong strategic and cultural fit in the transaction.