Green light for GreenGo Lidars in Italy for wind projects

Source: press release, 20 July 2020

ZX 300 wind Lidar deployed in mobile trailer to validate 50-metre met mast
ZX 300 wind Lidar deployed in mobile trailer to validate 50-metre met mast (photo: Studio Rinnovabili)

GreenGo Srl, a wind farm development company founded in 2018, has confirmed that the Remote Sensing Technology Lidar is supporting their development work for new wind farms in Italy.

In their first project, GreenGo selected ZX 300 and were supported by Italian company Studio Rinnovabili (also known as SR international) to install the autonomous Lidar and power supply next to an existing met mast – limited in providing wind measurements at its maximum height of 42 metres. The collocated Lidar provides wind measurements from ground-level up to more than 200 metres, and validates the measurements being provided by the mast in addition to the wind shear and veer across the potential turbines being considered for the site.

Andrea Bartolazzi, Director at Studio Rinnovabili comments, “Studio Rinnovabili provides measurement services, technical consultancy including combinations of Lidars collocated with traditional met masts or simply standalone Lidar on newer sites. ZX 300 is the market leading Lidar and we are supporting many clients now, such as GreenGo, with our measurement services using this technology.”

Fabio Amico, CTO and Founding Partner at GreenGo Srl says, “We are now considering wind turbines up to 6 MW onshore in Italy and met masts do not allow us to assess the wind conditions at anywhere near to a useful height. Instead we have worked successfully with Studio Rinnovabili to deploy this excellent ZX 300 wind Lidar that is more mobile, cost-effective and practical for providing vital wind measurements across the full height of the eventual wind turbine.”

GreenGo has been developing greenfield plants in Italy since 2018 and has a 1.5+ GW renewable pipeline, with 10 onshore wind projects to be located in Southern Italy.

ZX Lidars provides vertical and horizontal profiling wind Lidar to accurately measure wind conditions remotely and ahead of their installed position. These accurate, independent wind measurements are a cornerstone in the development, construction and operation of wind farms globally.