Lead batteries: conference debates future for battery energy storage in a post-pandemic world

Source: press release, 21 July 2020

The ELBC Exhibition goes virtual in 2020 (illustration: ELBC)
The ELBC Exhibition goes virtual in 2020 (illustration: ELBC)

The global lead battery conference ELBC will take place live and online from a dedicated studio for the first time this year after plans to hold the longstanding event in Milan, Italy, were shelved in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The 3-day conference, September 22-24, will bring together industry leaders including new Clarios CEO Mike Wallace and respected analysts and industry commentators to discuss the impact of the pandemic on the industry and the likely implications for the lead battery market in the short and medium term.

In a virtual conference forum built and designed for the event, conference delegates will join the live presentations and discussions and be able to download, on demand, more than 50 presentations ranging from market analysis to the latest developments in next generation lead battery research.

The programme, which can be viewed here, is expected to attract delegates from across the globe given the ease of joining the event and accessing material online.

Dr Andy Bush, Managing Director of the International Lead Association who with the Consortium for Battery Innovation is organising ELBC, says, “It’s been a tumultuous year for our and many other industries so ELBC will be the first opportunity for the global lead battery industry to meet and discuss the implications and consider forecasts for next year and beyond. Many previous delegates were very keen for us to continue to hold the event this year – both from a business perspective and because it symbolises our strength as an industry and our commitment to focusing on the future. It really is a conference run by the industry, for the industry.”

“Delegates will still be able to enjoy the full conference experience which they have come to expect from ELBC, just in a different format. We have interactive plenary debates, technical sessions and of course the exhibition, with booths where delegates can meet suppliers and find out about products and innovations.” Dr Bush adds.

Dr Alistair Davidson, Director of the Consortium for Battery Innovation – the global pre-competitive lead battery research group, says “We have many important technical presentations to share in September, and we’ve had tremendous support from colleagues who want to hold discussions on some of the exciting new technological advances. That’s why we’ll be making the technical presentations available on demand via the conference platform before the live ‘power’ debates taking place from our ELBC studio to enable as much interaction with delegates as possible.”

The full conference programme is available here.