AFRY receives order from The Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning Agency

Source: press release, 6 August 2020

photo: AFRY
photo: AFRY

The Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning Agency (NND) have awarded AFRY with a project involving the management of radioactive waste from decommissioning of two nuclear reactors, owned by the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), located in Kjeller and Halden in Norway. AFRY’s role in the project is to provide a basis for establishing radioactive waste management infrastructure and processes for waste pre-treatment, treatment, conditioning, and storage, in addition to capacity building of NND and IFE personnel.

The project will be implemented by a collaborative team, made up of NND, IFE and AFRY staff. The project management and quality control are ensured by NND. For the technical work, the project participants are organised into three Working Groups, which are led by AFRY consultants, under coordination by the AFRY Team Leader.

“Thanks to a very close dialogue with NND’s project manager from day one, I am sure that AFRY’s expertise will provide valuable input and support to NND, and I am looking forward to seeing the progress, especially the close collaboration and capacity building of all staff during the project,” says Rodolfo Avila, AFRY Team Leader.

This collaborative project, together with NND and IFE, further strengthens AFRY’s position in providing leading solutions for generations to come.