MHI Compressor International Corporation awarded ammonia facility contract

Source: press release, 19 August 2020

Syngas compression train (photo: MCO-I)
Syngas compression train (photo: MCO-I)

MHI Compressor International Corporation (MCO-I), designer and manufacturer of compressors, drive turbines, gear boxes and their control systems, will supply the compression for Gulf Coast Ammonia’s (GCA) new state-of-the-art ammonia production facility in Texas City, US.

The equipment will be purchased by Air Products, who will build and operate the facility in parallel with its largest ever US investment. The equipment on order includes two compressor trains: a Syngas Compressor Train and an Ammonia Refrigerant Compressor Train. Together, the two trains consist of four compressors and supporting auxiliary systems.

The compressors will be jointly built and tested by MHI Compressor Corporation (MCO) at its factory in Hiroshima, Japan and at MCO-I’s Houston facility. All trains are to be packaged at MCO-I.

The order further establishes MCO-I as a premier vendor for compression in ammonia applications. GCA’s ammonia facility will produce approximately 3,600 metric tons per day of ammonia, which will make it the world’s largest ammonia plant once fully operational.

Clayton Jurica, sales manager, MCO-I, says, “MCO-I has successful and wide-ranging history of experience in large capacity ammonia, which contributed to the success of this order. This demonstrable expertise, coupled with MCO-I’s ideal location on the Texas Gulf Coast, approximately 40 miles from the future job site, made MCO-I the ideal candidate for the supply and long-term support of the equipment.”