Rystad Energy launches Cost Solution, a product line that sheds light on key energy industry values

Source: press release, 26 August 2020

illustration: Rystad Energy
illustration: Rystad Energy

Rystad Energy has announced the launch of Cost Solution, its newest addition to a collection of innovative product lines that help better address the changing energy industry and its elements. Cost Solution provides project cost and service price intelligence through data, analytics and advisory services focusing on benchmarking, estimating and inflation.

Understanding cost structures and using sound advice to become more cost-efficient is becoming more important than ever for companies across the energy value chain as the global energy industry is experiencing the second downturn in a decade. Managing costs and understanding relevant trends will be of outmost importance for all market participants, and Rystad Energy’s Cost Solution is now here to offer our clients informed and customisable services.

Rystad Energy’s cost and price intelligence is illustrated through thematic reports, detailed factsheets, a frequent flow of commentaries, and bottom-up databases that are updated monthly.

Rystad Energy invites you to learn about its new product line by joining the Cost Solution Virtual Launch Event on 2 September to hear from industry experts and discover how the Cost Solution can benefit the growth and evolution of your business.

Cost Solution dashboards can deliver asset-level cost benchmarks for offshore, onshore and liquefaction facility projects. They empower users to build customised project cost estimates across a field’s lifecycle, from an initial prospect through to a unique decommissioning campaign. They also track the global labour market and look at service pricing from both an asset and an execution perspective. All of this is built bottom-up, asset by asset, for some 100,000 fields, licenses, and open acreages.

Cost Solution also offers a wide range of analytics items. Users can have access to our Cost Benchmarking report, our Price Inflation report, our Cost Estimating handbook, a wealth of commentaries, and a comprehensive library of factsheets.

Supporting the above products, our analysts are available to provide product support and training, and also to discuss and provide insights to clients on the latest industry trends.

“Every project’s cost has a story, and we learn these stories to bring them to life and put them to work for you. We are delighted to launch our Cost Solution, a product line that is designed to transparently address the energy world’s cost-related knowledge needs in the most understandable and yet data-supported way,” says Rystad Energy’s Vice President Energy Service Research Matthew Fitzsimmons.

Today’s continuously changing and dynamic market makes cost management more important than ever. At a time when the energy market needs it the most, Rystad Energy makes one more long-term vision a reality.