New robust, easy to setup modular tooling split frame tube and pipe cutter

Source: press release, 9 September 2020

Esco COHOG® Split Frame Machine
Esco COHOG® Split Frame Machine (photo: ESCO Tool)

A new clamshell style, O.D. mounted split frame machine that features fast, accurate, and easy to setup indexable tooling to part and bevel tube and pipe from 51 to 1,220 mm diameter has been introduced by ESCO Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts, USA.

The Esco COHOG® Split Frame Machine has a robust stationary ring machined from 7075 aluminium alloy that is hard coated and supports a custom steel forged, heat-treated and nickel-plated rotating ring using precision tuned eccentric bearings.

Featuring indexable tooling with slides and trip mechanisms and a marked locating system, this clamshell style machine can be precisely aligned and quickly attached without shims or guesswork.

Providing vibration-free operation, Esco COHOG® Split Frame Machines have sealed construction to protect bearings and bearing races from debris.

Modular tool slides use tool steel blades or inserts with multiple cutting edges that offer more cuts per blade and come in a variety of sizes for space-restricted applications. Motor options include pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric power that can be mounted in different orientations.