eDrilling moves its headquarters

Source: press release, 10 September 2020

To accommodate its accelerated growth, eDrilling has moved to new facilities
To accommodate its accelerated growth, eDrilling has moved to new facilities (photo: eDrilling)

eDrilling has announced that it has moved its headquarters. Not far, but into facilities that will better support the growth of the company.

As E&P companies globally are increasingly utilising the value of eDrilling AI software solutions to save cost, improve safety, and last, but not least, increase the efficiency of drilling operations, the company is expanding and moving headquarters to accommodate the accelerated growth.

“We already saw the adoption of software to digitalise, optimise and automate the well construction processes and workflows pre-COVID-19 and pressure on the oil price accelerate,” says Kenza Lahlou, “as more and more of the leading companies are moving their well construction objectives and ambitions to a new level – a level where legacy technologies and practices cannot deliver anymore.”

“Currently we are also experiencing that more and more companies are taking the environmental challenge on – they can upgrade to the latest AI technologies, and reap all the benefits, without having to rip-and-replace what they have. Reusing rigs and perfectly usable drilling-related equipment makes perfect sense these days.”

“Finally, what was long seen as a temporary measure (due to initial pandemic lock-down) physical distancing habits seems like they are going to stick. Consequently, demand for contactless and/or low-touch activities are on the rise, and a requirement for mostly all product delivery and services to be less contact and touch. By enabling remote advisory, remote collaboration, and long-distance (team) learning, our software answers the challenges of the ‘new world of work’ and will help ease, and even, accelerate workforce transformation,” adds Lahlou.