Daily well production figures will help MER UK and net zero goal

Source: press release, 11 September 2020

The datasets can be downloaded by wellbore, hydrocarbon field or production hub
The datasets can be downloaded by wellbore, hydrocarbon field or production hub (illustration: OGA)

The UK Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has now published daily production figures from wells that have ceased production, some with production dating back over 40 years.

Reservoir engineers seeking untapped hydrocarbons or potential carbon capture and storage (CCS) sites, and academics are expected to be regular users of the data which details the production history of each field. The data gives an insight into daily values for gas, oil and water; as well as the pressures and temperatures at well heads and bottom holes, where available.

The added granularity of seeing daily data from each well will enable specialists to identify differences between separate sections of one field and potentially allow them to estimate areas that could still be productive which could lead to any potential redevelopment.

Fields that have ceased production since 2018 are required to provide the data, and so far, the OGA has been able to publish information from over 20 fields and 140 wells. Further data will be added as it becomes available.

Viking B is the longest producer represented producing for over 40 years from 1973 to 2015. It is one of nine ‘V’ fields, a collection of Southern North Sea gas fields, previously operated by ConocoPhillips, which are included in the production data, despite many of them ceasing production before 2018.

Nic Granger, OGA Director of Corporate, says, “High quality data is absolutely vital in decision-making. The OGA is committed to supporting the industry in maximising economic recovery and in achieving net zero. This latest development of our data offering will help in realising those goals.”