Join the interactive Webinar – Offshore Pipelines & Risers Conference

Source: press release, 16 September 2020

The Offshore Pipelines and Risers conference (illustration: NPF)
The Offshore Pipelines and Risers conference has for three decades been the most popular meeting and knowledge-sharing venue for the Norwegian offshore pipeline and riser industry (illustration: NPF)

Due to the increasing spread of COVID-19, the Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF) has decided to arrange this year’s Offshore Pipelines & Risers Conference as a webinar.

NPF takes its precautions seriously where health and safety will always be of the highest priority. This goes for the oil smf gas sector at large and the organisers have received information regarding both travel restrictions and conference bans in the months to come.

“It is sad not to be able to physically gather in Trondheim for both professional and social networking. The conference is one of NPF’s most popular conferences, and we know that you, like us, have been looking forward to it. NPF will nevertheless do its outmost as an organiser to ensure that this year’s conference will be just as good despite the change in format,” the organisers say.

Smart and Innovative Solutions
While the market has been in recovery for a few years with more sustainable prices for oil and gas and the international demand for energy is increasing, the new boundary conditions of politics and expectations for more cost-effective solutions, puts pressure onto the industry. At the same time, the activity forecast related to subsea pipelines and risers indicate a doubling in the activity over the next years which suggest plenty of opportunities ahead. Innovation and cost-effective solutions are ever more important with the recent downturn fresh in mind. Hence, finding more efficient ways to design, install and operate pipeline systems is seen to be increasingly important to stay ahead of the pack.

Participants will receive a web link before the webinar starts. The link is personal, and you must provide your name, email address and password to participate. Follow the webinar via browser on computer or smartphone/tablet. You can pause and you can rewind the broadcast if you do not have the opportunity to follow the webinar all day. There will be a short Q&A after each lecture. Approved presentations will be made available for download after the end of the conference.

13-14 October 2020

Tonje Raknes, Project Manager, NPF
+47 983 06 117