How can an oil and gas congress be successful at the times of pandemic?

Source: press release, 30 September 2020

illustration: BGS Group
illustration: BGS Group

Virtual, eco-friendly, with the abundance of VIP delegates – PRC Europe 2020 has been completed at the BGS Online platform.

Petrochemical and Refining Congress Europe has taken place on September 28-30. To keep the high-quality level of the Congress and ensure safety during the pandemic, the organisers launched their own platform – BGS Online. “We wanted to avoid making a Congress ‘webinary’, so we made sure main tools – personal manager, limited competition, B2B meetings – will still be fully available to the delegates,” says Regina Chislova, the Project Director. To help delegates familiarise themselves with the platform, personal managers had conducted a virtual tour for every delegate before the Congress.

Companies reacted to this change positively, by enlarging delegations – since there is no need to travel, more VIP delegates were available. Also, many delegates mentioned that they had been missing an event atmosphere – networking, speaking, showing equipment.

PRC Europe comprised two days of sessions, B2B-meetings, networking through video calls and chats. The third day included an interactive presentation of ReOil technology by OMV Schwechat Refinery. OMV ReOil innovation project is a unique example of circular economy, so a lot of questions were asked and great interest expressed.

Most companies participating at PRC Europe 2020 are trying to make their production greener, reduce plastic waste, and implement other measures to raise the sustainability level. The Congress, however, was more than a place to share successful cases of this – delegates have planted trees, and now there is а BGS forest in Cameroon. This became possible through a partnership with Treedom who physically plants a tree for every delegate and sends a certificate to them.

Among participants were OMV, Neste Oil, Eni, ExxonMobil, MOL Group, Total, CEPSA, Worley, McDermott, Wood – to name a few.

The next edition of the Petrochemical and Refining Congress has been already launched. It will take place in Finland, Helsinki, on May 17-18, 2021. The Host Sponsor of the Congress is Neste, a company that does a lot to make their production as sustainable as possible. For example, in 2016 the CO2 recovery plant was established in Singapore. CO2recovery increases the resource efficiency of the refinery and reduces the carbon footprint of renewable products over their life cycle. The refining process of crude oil-based products at Neste’s Porvoo refinery also generates CO2, some of which is recovered and sold to the local gas company.

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