Mercy Ships back on board for Nor-Shipping 2021

Source: press release, 6 October 2020

‘Global Mercy’ – the world’s largest hospital ship setting sail in 2022
‘Global Mercy’ – the world’s largest hospital ship setting sail in 2022 (photo: Mercy Ships)

Nor-Shipping is welcoming Mercy Ships back on board as its charity partner for 2021. Your Arena for Ocean Solutions, which takes place in Oslo and Lillestrøm from 1-4 June, will work with the global organisation to promote and support its efforts to provide world-class surgical care to those most in need. The announcement comes on the same day Mercy Ships reveals plans to launch Global Mercy, the world’s largest NGO hospital ship, in late 2021.

Nor-Shipping originally partnered with Mercy Ships for its successful 2019 outing, contributing funds, raising money from visitors, helping facilitate corporate sponsorships, giving the team a stand in the busy 21,000 m2 exhibition halls at Lillestrøm, and providing PR profiling opportunities. The support was essential for a campaigning charity that has worked in more than 55 countries, providing services valued at USD 1.7 billion, and directly benefitting more than 2.8 million people over the last 40 years.

Partners with a purpose
“Nor-Shipping is a purpose driven organisation, supporting our industry and society as we look to achieve sustainable business success within the ocean space,” comments Per Martin Tanggaard, Nor-Shipping Director External Relations. “And I can’t think of a more worthwhile ‘purpose’ than that of Mercy Ships.”

“The cooperation comes at a crucial point for the organisation, as it adds to its fleet – which is manned by expert volunteers – and looks to greatly increase its reach and impact. Now, more than ever, its crucial to provide healthcare to those who otherwise have limited, or non-existent, access to facilities on land. Mercy Ships has a vital role to play and we’re proud that Nor-Shipping, and all our participants and stakeholders, have this opportunity to help them save and transform lives,” Tanggaard continues.

Delivering hope
The Global Mercy is a 174-metre, 37,000-tonne ship set to offer state-of-the-art medical, training and accommodation facilities, housing volunteers ranging from surgeons, to maritime crew, cooks, teachers, electricians, and more. In total, up to 950 crew and guests can be hosted when in port. The vessel will focus on operations in Africa, with some 150,000 life-changing surgeries planned onboard across its lifetime.

“This is a critical time for Mercy Ships and a key opportunity for us to profile our mission within the maritime and ocean industries, and beyond,” says Roger Vassnes, National Director, Mercy Ships Norway. “Over 93% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to safe and timely surgery. With Global Mercy we can help address that issue, delivering a safe, clean environment and the services of some of the most well-trained physicians in the world.”

“Working with Nor-Shipping gives us the chance to connect with industries and individuals that can really help our cause. It’s great to be back on board for 2021 and we can’t wait to meet everyone at this key global gathering next summer in Norway,” Vassnes adds.

Nor-ShippingThe partnership complements Nor-Shipping 2021’s overall theme of #ACTION, showcasing the people, concepts and technology that are making an impact in the ocean space, paving the way for a healthy, profitable and sustainable business future.