NPD updates guidelines for production permit applications

Source: press release, 13 October 2020

photo: Equinor/Morten Berentsen
photo: Equinor/Morten Berentsen

The revised guidelines for production permit applications are now ready for use. The update is part of the effort to simplify and streamline processes in the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD).

One of the important improvements is that applications for production permits are more closely linked to submission of the RNB and ASRs.

This means that it will be easier and less labour-intensive for the companies to apply for production permits, and easier for the authorities to process them.

The new guidelines for Annual status reports for fields in operation (ASR) were also made available in early September.

Another improvement in the revised guidelines for production permit applications is the better distinction between three main types of production permits:

  • For new fields
  • For fields in operation
  • For special gas permits

Requirements for documentation and the application deadline are also presented more clearly for each application type.

The main rule is that the licensee must apply for a permit for production and injection, as well as flaring and cold-venting, for the upcoming calendar year by 1 November. Facilities that are not associated with a field, and onshore facilities, must also apply for a permit for flaring and cold-venting.

If appropriate, the licensee can also apply for a separate production permit for gas. This applies for the gas volumes to be exported from the field covered by the production permit.

As regards fields applying for a separate gas production permit for a gas year, the application must be submitted by 1 February for the upcoming gas year. Such fields must nevertheless submit an application for a permit for other production, injection, flaring and cold-venting by 1 November.

Fields with long-term gas production permits must apply for a revised permit if the gas production deviates from the long-term production permit.

Visit the NPD Regulations pages for additional information.