Major contract win prompts Responsive expansion

Source: press release, 19 October 2020

Responsive Limited CEO, Lee Grears
Responsive Limited CEO, Lee Grears (photo: Responsive)

A non-destructive testing business has been chosen to carry out quality inspection and testing at the UK’s principal facility for the disposal of solid low-level radioactive waste. Responsive Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) has won a 12-month framework contract with the Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR) near Drigg in Cumbria, UK.

The agreement covers all of LLWR’s quality inspection and testing support and will lead to Responsive increasing the size of its 18-strong team.

Lee Grears, Responsive Limited CEO, says, “This is a major win for Responsive. Direct supply to a Tier 1 organisation like LLWR shows that we are able to offer services that match the demands of a high-profile organisation. We will be dealing with projects where Responsive’s testing integrity and reliability is crucial – but that’s exactly what we do. This now gives us the opportunity to increase our staff capacity and will see us add a new member of staff to the team.”

“We are delighted about the framework announcement and are looking forward to working with the team at LLWR, its contractors and suppliers in the coming year,” adds Grears.

Responsive, which has five bases across the north of England, including its headquarters in Cumbria, is an industry leader in both destructive and non-destructive testing, mechanical testing and material analysis services across the UK.

Nigel Lister, Executive Director – Safety, Security, Health, Environment & Quality, at LLWR, says, “We are strong supporters of business across West Cumbria and invest heavily in the local supply chain, so it is encouraging to see Responsive NDT go through a competitive tender process with us and emerge with a framework contract.”

“It’s also fantastic that in trying times for many industries the contract may lead to fresh recruitment at Responsive NDT. This is another example of our enduring commitment to local SMEs. Our standards are demanding across the board, as exemplified in the tender process, but we are confident that this local business can meet them,” continues Lister.

A Member of The British Institute of Non Destructive Testing, Responsive is well-known for its fast, reliable response to provide testing, welding, and painting inspection services to a range of sectors across the UK including nuclear, marine, petrochemical, engineering and construction sectors.