ChargeUp Europe welcomes Total as its 9th member

Source: press release, 26 October 2020

ChargeUp Europe aims to deliver a seamless charging experience for EV drivers (photo: Allego)
ChargeUp Europe aims to deliver a seamless charging experience for EV drivers (photo: Allego)

ChargeUp Europe, the voice of the electric vehicle charging industry in Europe, has announced its latest member, broad energy company Total.

Total’s membership reflects its strong commitment to electro-mobility, and its support for the core values and objectives of all ChargeUp Europe members: delivering a seamless charging experience for EV drivers, incentivising investment and creating a consumer-centric, open market model for charging.

Just over 6 months since the launch of ChargeUp Europe, the alliance, which was created by Allego, ChargePoint and EVBox Group, now counts nine members. As it continues to grow its membership, ChargeUp Europe looks forward to continuing to actively contribute to discussions on policy initiatives at EU level that can support an efficient, effective and consumer-friendly roll out of charging infrastructure across the EU.

Commenting on the announcement, Pierre Clasquin, EV Charge Vice-President at Total, states, “We are delighted to be the first broad energy company to join the ChargeUp Europe alliance. The EU has been a pioneer on the path toward carbon neutrality while Total is pledging to achieve net zero emissions in Europe by 2050 or earlier. As all electric mobility players on the continent, we have therefore a key role to play. In this context of a gradual switch towards Net Zero mobility, our ambition is to operate 150,000 EV charging points by 2025. Joining the ChargeUp Europe alliance will facilitate advocacy for policies that encourage investment and facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles at the European level.”