Sterling PBES launches new branch to power Denmark’s transition to clean economy

Source: press release, 27 October 2020

Sterling PBES’ patented CellCool system in action onboard a vessel
Sterling PBES’ patented CellCool system in action onboard a vessel (photo: Sterling PBES)

Sterling PBES has announced the creation of Sterling PBES ApS in Copenhagen. This new Danish branch of the energy storage experts’ operations will ensure local resources and business development in Denmark as well as other European markets, providing technology-based jobs with a focus on clean energy for marine and grid solutions.

In December of 2019, the Danish parliament passed one of the most rigorous and thoughtful climate laws in the world, paving the way for continued investment in alternative energy production and storage. The law commits Denmark to reduce emissions to 70% below its 1990 level by 2030, and targets carbon neutrality by 2050. It includes a robust and transparent monitoring system as well as additional legally binding targets that are to be set every 5 years.

Sterling PBES fully supports the transition to clean energy in Denmark, and understands that energy storage will be critical to achieving such important goals now and in the future. Sterling PBES’ product is used to provide clean and quiet propulsion for ships, ferries, and port equipment, as well as to smooth renewable energy power fluctuations in the national grid. It is versatile, robust, and known as the safest lithium-ion battery system ever produced. Now more than ever in a post-pandemic world, strong action must be taken to hasten the transition to a green recovery and Sterling PBES ApS stands strong to meet the challenges ahead.

This investment in Denmark has not happened alone. Executives at Sterling PBES have been working with Invest in Denmark at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as Copenhagen Capacity, the official organisation for investment promotion and economic development in Greater Copenhagen, to develop relationships that will bring rewards to Northern Europe. “It is with great pleasure that we welcome Sterling PBES to Denmark. Invest in Denmark has been thrilled to work with PBES’ management team to explore the value which Denmark can add to Sterling PBES’ activities in Northern Europe. Denmark has deep heritage as a maritime nation and has been early adapters of clean tech solutions. We look forward to continuing the cooperation with Sterling PBES,” says Maria Tarp, director at Invest in Denmark.

“Denmark leads in building industry and technology that will improve the quality of the world we live in. It is a testament to vision and commitment that resides in their spirit. This spirit will change the face of the entire globe through demonstration and practical proof of the economic and social viability of large-scale adoption of clean energy,” says Brent Perry, Chief Executive Officer, Sterling PBES.

“We are very pleased to welcome Sterling PBES to Copenhagen and Denmark,” says Matthew Delany, Head of Cleantech & Sustainable Urban Development at Copenhagen Capacity. “Their proven technology and business model provide huge opportunity in Denmark and other EU nations. We look forward to supporting them in their continued success in Denmark and the EU.”