Wärtsilä cargo handling system design selected for new Very Large Ethane Carrier vessels

Source: press release, 26 October 2020

VLEC – very large ethane carrier
VLEC – very large ethane carrier (illustration: Wärtsilä Corporation)

The technology group Wärtsilä’s proven experience in delivering cargo handling systems for gas carriers has been cited as a key consideration in the award of a new contract for Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLEC). The Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) shipyard in South Korea has ordered the complete Wärtsilä cargo handling system design for two new 98,000 cbm VLECs currently under construction, with an option for a third vessel. The order with Wärtsilä was booked in October 2020.

The tailor-made cargo handling system will comprise a highly efficient multi-cargo reliquefaction system and a unique ethane fuel supply system. The entire system will be connected to Wärtsilä’s inhouse-developed remote monitoring system, Operim, for efficient operational optimisation.

“Wärtsilä is a leading provider of cargo handling systems and we are very confident with their designs and performance, so selecting Wärtsilä will ensure timely delivery with the highest quality standards for these unique vessels,” says Jae-Eul Kim, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at HHI.

“This order again emphasises Wärtsilä’s position as a market leader for the supply of gas carrier cargo systems in general, and VLEC cargo systems in particular. These are advanced and very specialised vessels requiring advanced and specialised cargo handling systems, and we very pleased to once again be selected as a trusted partner to HHI,” commented Kjell Ove Ulstein, Director of Sales and Marketing at Wärtsilä.

This latest order follows a similar order placed in 2019 by HHI for the system design for three VLECs. Wärtsilä has also previously supplied HHI with numerous LPG, LEG and LNG cargo handling solutions.