Bapco & Aspen Technology: Era of remote operations – from Modern Technologies to Human Interactions

Source: press release, 5 November 2020

illustration: BGS Group
illustration: BGS Group

During the pandemic, remote operations and control make processes of many industries possible to continue, while employees had to keep social distancing and stay home.

However, as everything has pros and cons, it affects human relationships, such as leadership or trustful cooperation. BGS Group invited leaders from Bapco and Aspen Technology to sort out these questions, discuss and disclose the technological and psychological aspects.

On the 12th of November, Gaetano De Santis (General Manager Maintenance Division at Bapco) and Antonio Pietri (President and Chief Executive Officer at Aspen Technology) will go on air at the webinar launched by BGS group.

Among the key topics of discussion are:

  • Impact of modern technologies and tools in a challenging scenario of COVID-19 second wave.
  • Remote leadership in a time of social distancing.
  • Human relationships: issues of trust, loneliness and remote cooperation.

Why sign up?

  • Get the overview of the current situation across the globe from the oil and gas industry leaders perspectives.
  • Find out more on the influence of the remote operation from the side of operators, contractors, and employees.
  • Be aware of the possible ways of further industry development and project management.
  • Ask the questions directly to speakers during the webinar.

Register for the webinar here.

Date: November 12th – Thursday
Time: 14:00 – 15:30 UTC