PRC Europe 2021: Which downstream market directions to get attention in 2021

Source: press release, 6 November 2020

illustration: BGS Group
illustration: BGS Group

Energy transition and net-zero carbon future are the most trending directions in the oil and gas market agenda. Both topics will be raised at the Petrochemical & Refining Congress: Europe 2021, co-hosted with Neste. It will take place in Helsinki, Finland,17-18 May 2021.

Demand for plastics, packaging, clothes, gadgets, fertilizers, medical equipment, and other types of petrochemicals production goods have been increasing since last decade. But as the refineries want to meet the demand, they need to continue the processes adaptation to efficient future goals. “Downstream players have faced market instability this year, which lead to the price drop, job losses, and new projects postponement. In 2021, there will be time for industry recovery, and every refinery will be looking forward to improving their production within the net-zero carbon future goals. And there is no definite answer to which methods should be used for that and what challenges the players will face on the way,” says Project Director Regina Chislova.

Race for productivity gains momentum, and the downstream market major players are looking forward to the chemical recycling, smart technologies, and sustainable operating to have more resources on their side. This is why these topics will be covered at the 5th edition of the PRC: Europe among the following ones:

  • Energy transition as a way to remain competitive.
  • Sustainability in downstream operations.
  • Chemical recycling of waste plastics.
  • Circular economy. Myth or reality?
  • Petrochemical and refinery integration.

At the closed-door Congress, there will be no random people, and no marketing presentations, only decision-makers of the major companies of the industry: C-level management, heads of technical departments, and leading technical specialists. EPCs, refinery and petrochemical plants, licensors, chemical companies, equipment manufacturers, and service providers will gather to discuss the industry questions and network to find perspective cooperation.

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