Aker Solutions calls for cooperation to create the new, sustainable jobs

Source: press release, 16 November 2020

illustration: Aker Solutions
illustration: Aker Solutions

In a bid to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy production, Aker Solutions has launched a call to action urging industry, authorities and society to work together to achieve common goals. The company has launched its #PowerTheChange campaign to highlight the potential opportunities.

“As an industry we are facing a dual challenge: how to transition to a low carbon future, whilst simultaneously fulfilling the world’s need for affordable energy and profitable jobs. This is a challenge no company or individual is capable of solving alone. It will require bold moves, different ways of working and new partnerships. We see many such examples already, and now is the time to accelerate this transition,” says Aker Solutions CEO, Kjetel Digre.

Petroleum developments will in the coming years continue to be a fundamental part of the company’s business. Many customers in the oil companies are now planning new installations or upgrades of existing installations to enable operations with a reduced environmental footprint. Deliveries to such projects have started to count for an increasing share of Aker Solutions’ activity. The company’s aim is that one third of the revenues already in 2025 should come from low-carbon projects or from renewable energy business.

From its role as one of the world’s largest suppliers to oil and gas companies, Aker Solutions now positions itself as a driver for more sustainable energy production.

“We believe the oil and gas industry has a critical part to play in developing low-carbon energy solutions. We have the expertise, knowledge and the technology to enable net-zero emissions targets,” says Digre.

To mark the recent merger of Aker Solutions and Kvaerner, and in support of the company’s new strategy, Aker Solutions has launched its #PowertheChange campaign, which encapsulates its drive to accelerate the energy transition through collaboration.

“Aker Solutions will actively engage in this transition. Our almost 200 years long company history proves that change is in our DNA. We see many important opportunities for value creation through the entire supply chain,” Digre adds.

Aker Solutions employs approximately 15,000 employees in more than 20 countries and ripple effects creates activity for about 45,000 additional jobs in other organisations.