Nel Hydrogen Fueling with world’s first OIML certification for hydrogen dispenser system

Source: press release, 11 December 2020

H2Station™ – compression and fast fuelling of hydrogen
H2Station™ – compression and fast fuelling of hydrogen (illustration: Nel ASA)

Nel Hydrogen Fueling has been awarded the world’s first OIML R 139 certification for a hydrogen dispenser system.

“We are proud to announce the OIML certification for our 700-bar hydrogen dispenser systems, positioning Nel as the world’s first hydrogen fuelling company to obtain this certificate. Hydrogen has the lowest density of all gases making it one of the most challenging gases when it comes to accurate mass measurement. Nel has fulfilled the very strict requirements listed in this standard for measurement accuracy. The certificate is acknowledged internationally and simplifies the national approval process, providing an important step for standardising the global roll out of hydrogen infrastructure,” says Michael Stefan, Senior Director Product Management in Nel Hydrogen Fueling.

International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) provides recommendations for certifications and Nel has received a certification under OIML R 139, an international model regulation which describes how to build a hydrogen mass measurement system for hydrogen fuelling stations.