McDermott awarded liquid hydrogen storage study

Source: press release, 19 January 2021

McDermott has built more than 3,500 spheres worldwide
McDermott has built more than 3,500 spheres worldwide (photo: McDermott International, Inc.)

McDermott International, Ltd has announced that its CB&I Storage Solutions business has been awarded a study by a leading natural gas producer to research opportunities to expand current liquid hydrogen storage capacity limits.

“Industry leaders across the energy spectrum recognise that effective, affordable storage solutions are imperative to achieve a sustainably powered future,” says Samik Mukherjee, McDermott’s Group Senior Vice President for Projects. “Hydrogen, like wind and solar, plays a major role in decarbonisation and this study aims to unlock even greater potential in this field.”

CB&I Storage Solutions specialises in field-erected spherical cryogenic hydrogen storage and is currently building the world’s largest liquid hydrogen sphere for NASA.

“In 1960, we built the first liquid hydrogen sphere with the capacity to store 170 cubic metres. Over the last 60 years, we have expanded that threshold by about 30-fold to 5,000 cubic metres,” says Cesar Canals, Senior Vice President of CB&I Storage Solutions. “And we will continue to advance our technology and apply our expertise to further refine our portfolio of storage solutions to meet our customers’ future demands.”

McDermott has a strong track record in hydrogen production and storage projects and is a proud supporting member of the Hydrogen Council.

CB&I Storage Solutions is the world’s leading designer and builder of storage facilities, tanks and terminals. With more than 59,000 structures completed throughout its 130-year history, CB&I Storage Solutions has the global expertise and strategically located operations to provide its customers world-class storage solutions for even the most complex energy infrastructure projects.