Pipeotech and Esinsa – a seamless match in the Iberian market

Source: press release, 1 February 2021

The DeltaV-Seal – water cut and finished through a CNC machining process, completely eliminating heat from the process
The DeltaV-Seal – water cut and finished through a CNC machining process, completely eliminating heat from the process (photo: Pipeotech AS)

Pipeotech has secured a partnership agreement with Spanish industrial supplier Esinsa that will provide a springboard to expand its deliveries of the ground-breaking DeltaV-Seal gasket to a diversified industrial market in the Iberian Peninsula.

Esinsa will serve as the regional supplier partner of the Norwegian developer of premium industrial sealing solutions to promote and deliver the innovative gasket across its territories in Spain and Portugal.

Tarragona-based Esinsa will act as the local point of contact for Pipeotech clients, providing sales, support and training.

This key deal is a door-opener for Pipeotech to gain access to Esinsa’s extensive distribution network in the region that encompasses a broad range of industrial sectors spanning petrochemicals, oil and gas processing, water treatment, engineering and nuclear energy, as well as the food and pharmaceuticals, agricultural, public works and naval sectors.

Esinsa is a family-run business with a strong track record of more than 35 years in delivery of sealing solutions for plants and other infrastructure designed to optimise the efficiency of industrial processes through close collaboration with the client.

Pipeotech’s head of business development Andrew Patrick believes Esinsa’s regional reputation for high-quality and reliable deliveries, aligned with its own revolutionary sealing technology for industrial piping, will give the company a strong platform for growth beyond its core Scandinavian market.

“This alliance represents a strong vindication of Pipeotech’s technology from a tried and trusted regional supplier of gaskets and other industrial products, while it also positions us to expand our reach both into the Iberian Peninsula and wider EU market,” Patrick says.

“It is truly a seal of approval for the DeltaV that has already proved its worth for a range of prominent industrial clients and is rapidly gaining recognition as the next generation of gaskets designed for zero fugitive emissions.”

The DeltaV has so far been delivered to industrial facilities for high-profile clients including the Fincantieri-owned Vard shipyard group, Fortum and GE Healthcare.

The head of Esinsa’s technical department Ronald Clijnk sees the alliance with Pipeotech as a win-win deal for both companies, underpinning its goal to deliver value-accretive technology that can boost efficiency and provide competitive differentiation for its clients.

“We believe the DeltaV-Seal is the optimal solution to resolve today’s challenge of industrial leakages by eliminating them altogether,” Clijnk says. “As such, we are totally confident this gasket solution fits perfectly with Esinsa’s ambition to offer high-quality products to its customers and are therefore very pleased to have reached this agreement with Pipeotech.”

The DeltaV-Seal has unique characteristics as it is a one-piece, CNC manufactured gasket made from the same metal as the flanges it mates with and has three sealing rings that deform on installation to fill any surface irregularities on pipe flanges to form the perfect seal.

It means a permanent static and leak-proof seal is created between connecting flanges in pipework, making the joints as strong as the pipes themselves to ensure complete pipe integrity with no risk of disintegration.

This is set to make old-fashioned flange gaskets, based on 100-year-old technology, a thing of the past in line with more stringent environmental demands on industry to eliminate dangerous and pollutive emissions.

The DeltaV-Seal obviously can also bring major economic and safety benefits to industrial clients by removing the need for pipe maintenance work, such as retightening of flanges, and the risk of blowouts or fires from leakages.

Rather than leak and fix, the seamless gasket enables the operator to install and forget, backed by a 10-year gas-tight warranty that is a first for the industry.

Through its alliance with Esinsa, Pipeotech is now taking the bull by the horns by entering the ring to challenge competitors in the Spanish market.