C-Innovation signs contract extension with BP for GoM intervention

Source: press release, 1 February 2021

RLWI vessel ‘Island Venture’ (photo: C-I)
RLWI vessel ‘Island Venture’ (photo: C-I)

C-Innovation, LLC (C-I), an affiliate of Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) and its family of companies, has announced a 1-year contract extension with BP for riserless light well intervention (RLWI) in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM). The Island Venture and team are currently mobilised and in the field working on one of BP’s assets.

The initial RLWI contract with BP called for both mechanical and hydraulic acid stimulations. These were executed from C-I’s flagship GoM assets, the Island Venture and the Island Performer, the only RLWI vessels operating in the GoM. The work was performed in water depths of up to 6,500 ft on different assets within the GoM.

C-I will supply and complete all project management and engineering to provide a complete RLWI system utilising Baker Hughes’ 7Series subsea well intervention system, a hydraulic stimulation kit from Caltex Oil Tools, and the full suite of Halliburton’s numerous wireline, E-Line, coil tubing and pumping units.

David Sheetz, vice president of C-I says, “The RLWI approach offers tremendous increases in efficiency for well interventions at nearly half the cost of performing rig-based interventions. This allows for a much broader portfolio of wells to be logged and stimulated for increased production. We look forward to extending our offering of RLWI to numerous clients in the GOM and worldwide, providing a complete offering, which includes all services under a single solution provider to best utilise personnel and resources.”

Dino Chouest, president of C-I, adds, “We are proud to continue growing our relationship with BP on the RWLI projects. C-Innovation is committed to supporting our clients in reducing greenhouse gas emissions during our operations. This project showed a significant reduction in emissions when compared to traditional methods being used today. This is an example of how we aid our clients in providing innovative, cost-saving solutions while reducing carbon footprint and not compromising the end result. I am confident that the knowledge gained and continuing innovations will contribute to the net-zero targets being set by C-Innovation and many other operators in the oil and gas