Enteq Upstream hires RSS Product Director

Source: press release, 10 February 2021

Neil Bird, Enteq RSS Product Director

Enteq Upstream, the oilfield services technology and equipment supplier, has announced the appointment of Neil Bird as RSS Product Director, ahead of the company’s launch of an innovative alternative to traditional RSS tools.

Based in Houston, Bird will be responsible for the tool’s development and commercialisation, with immediate priorities being static testing and field trials over the coming months. Bird himself brings more than 25 years’ operational experience in RSS and directional drilling, including tenures at Baker Hughes and Weatherford, and an international perspective from time spent in the US, UK and Middle East.

Bird will oversee an engineering team with combined experience of more than 150 years in RSS and directional drilling technology, which has re-engineered and optimised an alternative directional drilling design originally licensed by Enteq from Shell in 2019.

Bird comments on his appointment: “When I first began talking to Enteq about this role, I was sceptical. Here was a company not currently active in the RSS market, and with a concept that takes a fundamentally different approach to traditional RSS and directional drilling tools. However, on closer examination, it became clear this is an incredibly exciting project to be part of.”

“Not only was I convinced by the management team that this was a company with ambition and momentum, I was also encouraged by Enteq’s operational and engineering track record for downhole solutions, and reputation as a trusted independent supplier. What’s more, looking at the concept in detail, it was clear that every technology in here is field-proven. It simply took that stroke of inspiration to combine it for a new, elegant alternative to existing RSS design. I’ve been in this industry a long time now, and it’s rare to see such effective innovation,” Bird continues.

Martin Perry, founder and CEO of Enteq, adds, “We are delighted to welcome Neil on board at this stage of our evolution as a company. We know we have something special here, and Neil and his team are the right people to build that out into something that represents a real step-change in the market, at a time where unconventional plays make directional drilling more complex and competitive than ever.”