Vaisala launches the next-generation humidity and temperature transmitter series for hazardous environments

Source: press release, 10 February 2021

Vaisala HUMICAP© Intrinsically Safe HMT370EX Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series
Vaisala HUMICAP© Intrinsically Safe HMT370EX Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series (photo: Vaisala)

Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental and industrial measurements, launches a new next-generation humidity and temperature transmitter series to take advantage of advancements in technology and to meet and exceed current hazardous area regulations.

The new Vaisala HUMICAP© Intrinsically Safe HMT370EX Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series builds on over 20 years of experience with the trusted Vaisala HMT360 series with an even more robust and easy-to-use design.

“We are pleased to introduce the HMT370EX series which offers improved user experience, better corrosion resistance, and the latest Vaisala humidity measurement performance. It’s a true successor to our trusted HMT360 product series, and it can be effortlessly installed into existing systems,” says Product Manager Juhani Lehto of Vaisala’s Industrial Measurements.

HMT370EX series is designed specifically for hazardous and explosive environments. The entire transmitter can be installed directly in explosive areas, up to zone 0 and zone 20.

“HMT370EX operates safely and reliably even in the most hazardous environments, with no need for additional protective enclosures. Thanks to its rugged display, the transmitter can withstand continuous exposure to potentially explosive areas that contain flammable gases or dust,” Lehto continues.

Typical applications for HMT370EX include paint booths in automotive industry, hydrogen cooled generators in electricity generation, chemical plants and processes, baking industry, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, oil and gas drilling platforms, and fuel tanks and storage.

The HMT370EX series consists of the transmitter and a wide selection of probes. The transmitter is equipped with an intuitive graphical display for improved ease of use. Hand-detachable measurement probes and easy product configuration and calibration with Vaisala Insight PC Software enable smooth maintenance, minimising any downtime in the measurement.

In addition to measuring relative humidity and temperature, the new transmitter outputs also dew point temperature, wet-bulb temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, water concentration, water mass fraction, water vapor pressure, and enthalpy.

HMT370EX can replace the HMT360 series in all the same applications where the HMT360 has been employed.

“We are proud to say that the HMT360 may now gradually retire after more than 20 years of success in various critical Ex-environments,” Juhani Lehto concludes.

The new HMT370EX series will be available in the first quarter of 2021 with European ATEX and Global IECEx certificates. Ex certification for other regions will be available later during 2021.