Aral accelerates ultra-fast charging expansion

Source: press release, 16 February 2021

The new e-brand ‘Aral pulse’‎‎
The new e-brand ‘Aral pulse’‎‎ (photo: Aral)

Aral, bp’s fuel retail brand in Germany, is expanding its ‎charging network of ultra-fast electric charging stations ‎–‎ operating under its new name “Aral pulse” ‎–‎ ‎significantly faster than planned. By the end of the year, Aral pulse will have 500 ultra-fast charging ‎points with a charging capacity of up to 350 kW in operation at more than 120 Aral filling stations.

“Our e-offer is picking up speed. We will increase the number of our charging points fivefold this ‎year,” says Aral CEO Patrick Wendeler. “In view of the increasing demand for electric vehicles, the ‎time has come to accelerate the expansion of our charging infrastructure.”

Aral pulse – new brand underpins strategic direction
Aral now unites all its e-mobility activities under the new name Aral pulse. The introduction of this ‎new brand underlines the importance of electric car charging for Aral’s future business.

“We want to provide the fastest and most convenient network of charging and, combined with our ‎high-quality services at our filling stations, we want to deliver exceptional customer experience and ‎innovative offers,” adds Wendeler.

Aral pulse stands for the commitment and excitement to electrify the future. Starting with ultra-fast ‎charging on the road, Aral’s goal is to ensure that electric vehicle charging is as seamless, convenient ‎and as fast as possible. Aral wants its customers to spend less time worrying about charging, and more ‎time enjoying the journey.

At the heart of the logo is an electron in motion. All Aral pulse charging stations have this new design ‎and stand out visually from the fuel columns. Fast chargers that have already been installed will be ‎rebranded in the next few weeks.

Aral also offers holistic solutions for commercial fleets with the Aral Fuel & Charge card, from access ‎to the public charging network to the development of its own charging infrastructure and a modern ‎app.‎

By the end of February, Aral will operate 100 ultra-fast charging points at 25 filling stations. They are ‎powered by 100% green energy and have a charging capacity of up to 300 or 350 kilowatts, depending ‎on the location. A vehicle with the appropriate battery technology can be charged for a range of up ‎to 350 km in just over 10 minutes ‎–‎ as fast as refueling at the pump. That’s the equivalent of driving ‎non-stop from Bochum to Hamburg.