Peab to partner with the European Green Capital 2021

Source: press release, 17 February 2021

illustration: Peab
illustration: Peab

Peab Asfalt continues its investment in sustainable development by becoming a main partner to the European Green Capital (EGCA) Lahti 2021. This will also be the launch pad for ECO-Asfalt in Finland. The investment will cut greenhouse gas emissions from Finnish asphalt production in half – starting in Lahti.

In Finland, Peab Asfalt reuses a significant amount of reclaimed asphalt while continuously developing its energy efficiency. This year the company has also switched to renewable electricity in all its Finnish operations. Becoming a partner to EGCA 2021, also signifies the launch of ECO-Asfalt on the Finnish market. ECO-Asfalt was introduced in Sweden in 2015 and has been very successful. The concept is built on replacing fossil fuel with biofuel when drying and heating the gravel material, which is the part of the asphalt manufacturing process that requires the most energy. This considerably reduces climate impact without affecting the properties of the final product. By replacing fossil-based natural gas with locally produced biogas Lahti’s asphalt plant will be the first in Finland to produce ECO-Asfalt.

“Environmental and sustainable matters are vital to us and I’m incredibly proud that we’re now bringing our ECO-Asfalt to Finland. The transition to fossil free fuel is the number one factor in reducing the climate impact of asphalt and an important step towards achieving the Peab Group’s goal to be climate neutral by 2045,” says Håkan Jacobsson, MD Peab Asfalt.

Peab Asfalt will participate in and organise events in Lahti throughout 2021. Magnifying climate issues this way is viewed very positively by the company, as well as the fact that the city and its businesses can take significant steps towards a sustainable society.

“Having Peab Asfalt participate in the EGCA’s projects is very valuable to us since building infrastructure plays a central role in emissions in cities. Making ECO-Asfalt available in Lahti is a good thing,” says Saara Vauramo, Project Manager for Lahti – EGCA 2021.