Orion Reederei continues to optimise safety management with Kaiko Systems

Source: press release, 11 March 2021

Kaiko Systems – user-friendly intelligent data recording and analysis tool
Kaiko Systems – user-friendly intelligent data recording and analysis tool (illustration: Kaiko Systems)

Orion Reederei, one of the world’s leading bulk carrier operators, has introduced Kaiko Systems’ intelligent data recording and analysis tool on three of its fifty vessels for an initial trial phase. The purpose is to assess the value of the product, namely a reduction in time spent on surveys and reporting and higher confidence in processes and outcomes. Kaiko Systems is preventing merchant ship incidents and reducing downtime through advanced data analysis and intelligent decision support.

The first step is conducting all safety-related inspections including regular assessments of all firefighting and life-saving equipment for potential defects with Kaiko Systems. Following a successful 3-month test period, the AI-enabled SaaS solution by Kaiko Systems will be rolled out across the entire Orion Reederei fleet, with plans to include areas like technical data and machine information in the future too. In doing so, the family-owned company from Hamburg not only pioneers the use of cutting-edge technologies, but above all demonstrates high standards in safety management.

“Our greatest responsibility is to guarantee safety aboard all our vessels. That’s why we’re always looking at new solutions to help optimise our processes,” explains Julius Reith, Project Manager at Orion Reederei. “Kaiko Systems offers a user-friendly product that allows the crew to collect reliable data on the condition of our fire protection and safety equipment. We can see immediately when something needs to be repaired or replaced. Not only does it cut the time and cost of essential analyses, inspections, and reporting, but it reduces the number of faults and incidents.” The automated, AI-based data analysis tool identifies potential incidents before they occur and provides decision-makers with reliable information so they can work proactively. Data is collected using a smartphone app featuring smart checklists and automatic reminders.

“We’re excited about working with Orion Reederei and look forward to a collaboration that opens up the dry bulk market to us,” says Fabian Fussek, Founder and CEO of Kaiko Systems. “Improvements to the sector’s safety standards are always a hot topic. The DryBMS quality standard, recently launched by RightShip and Intercargo to raise the bar on safety, environmental and operational excellence, is one example. Kaiko Systems provides shipping companies in the dry bulk segment with a valuable tool, offering a comprehensive insight into the health of their vessels and uncovering optimisation potential.” The young tech company is also benefiting from the trend towards digitalisation, and a more open-minded approach to innovative technologies by the industry’s decision-makers.

Kaiko Systems is making shipping safer and more profitable by combining verified data streams from merchant vessels into valuable information for shore teams. The Berlin-based company recently closed a six-figure financing round and will use these assets to further advance the product, target new sectors of the shipping industry and connect stakeholders more closely. Kaiko Systems was founded by Fabian Fussek and Eddy del Valle in partnership with company builder Flagship Founders, which specialises in maritime technology, logistics and shipping.