Smart approach lands BME Services helideck contracts

Source: press release, 18 March 2021

Scot Borland, managing director at BME Services, says the market’s response to his firm’s helidecks solution had been extremely positive
Scot Borland, managing director at BME Services, says the market’s response to his firm’s helidecks solution had been extremely positive (photo: BME Services)

BME Services says its integrated helidecks offering – which has won the firm contract awards worth GBP 500,000 – is an industry game changer thanks to its inherent smart technology.

The latest agreements for six projects in the North Sea underline the growing market prominence of a unique helidecks refurbishment service that can cut project costs by at least 40%, according to the innovative Aberdeen-based business.

BME is the only company that can offer this integrated helideck end-to-end solution, which can also help reduce fabric maintenance backlogs offshore due to its time-saving benefits.

The package encompasses technical review, drawing revisions and new drawings if required – as well as the HCA (Helideck Certification Agency) stamp of approval for those drawings – through to surface preparation, where its smart technology is used, and coatings applications, markings and HCA-approved friction test certification to CAP 437 standards.

The outcome, says BME, is reduced costs, shorter project timescales, fewer operational manhours, reduced personnel on board (POB) and greater assurance and legislative compliance for the client.

Scot Borland, managing director of BME Services, says, “Our service for this type of specialised work is an industry first – no other company can offer this end-to-end package for UK helidecks. It’s a game changer in the way helideck projects are managed. Using our technology and procedures, the result is cost-savings of at least 40% for projects, with reduced timescales, personnel and clean-up time leading to reduced risk and greater efficiency.”

BME’s approach does not require areas – even those in zone 2 – to be shut down during the blasting part of the project, meaning simultaneous operations can be performed and eliminating the need for expensive habitat set-ups with associated scaffolding costs during this phase.

BME’s technology provides greater environmental integrity than conventional blasting or water jetting. Its closed-circuit vacuum system collects material, dust and grit, reducing waste and negating time-consuming clean-ups.

Last year the company delivered its innovative technology and service on five helidecks in the energy sector.

BME expects to secure additional North Sea helideck projects in the next few months and is in talks to take its smart offering to international markets. The company is also engaging with two large hospitals in the south of England on the potential to provide its A-to-Z helidecks offering.

BME’s technology also delivers reduced costs on surface preparation and coatings for offshore walkways, laydown areas, decks and modules. The company expects to win further offshore projects for this type of work in the next few weeks.

Borland says there is huge growth potential for the helideck service on infrastructure ranging from oil and gas platforms, drilling rigs, flotels and FPSOs to vessels, hospitals and remote helipads. The firms also delivers its innovative surface preparation services in the industrial, marine and defence sectors.

He continues, “We made a significant investment in our helideck offering that included the purchase of a section of an aluminium offshore helideck from Norway which we used to train staff, gain a greater insight into the friction compliance process and showcase our smart approach to clients. We’re a ‘one-stop shop’ for this type of project, providing a joined-up approach rather than the use of multiple vendors which can lead to continuity and quality issues. The fact we return the deck certified to CAP 437 standards gives our clients assurance and, once again, saves time and resources.”

“As with all BME services, we have put a great deal of thought into this. These latest contracts with industry-respected companies are yet another endorsement of our integrated helideck offering. We are currently tendering to win work on an additional three helidecks in the North Sea and speaking with industry partners to take this service internationally,” adds Borland.

BME Services, part of the BME group of companies, offers a series of niche solutions in the industrial services arena. The company also has an industrial wash-bay service and mobile NORM decontamination operation.

BME Nitech has launched an upgraded and more cost-effective temporary and portable industrial lighting product for global markets that is also suitable for use in hazardous areas.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the product took BME more than 3 years to develop and is used by North Sea operators, shipyards, refineries, distilleries, emergency services, the aerospace industry and other sectors. The product has a better battery cycle and is lighter than other similar products on the market.

BME Group also launched BME SK Hydraulics in October 2019 to provide a mobile and workshop-based bespoke hose manufacturing service with hose management and tagging systems.