Diskos contracts signed

Source: press release, 26 March 2021

Eric Toogood, Diskos project manager
Eric Toogood, Diskos project manager (photo: NPD)

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has announced that the contracts for Diskos 2.0, entered into with Landmark and Kadme, have been signed and implementation is under way.

“The contracts with Kadme and Landmark will provide us with solutions from reputable and highly competent suppliers. Current data volumes are in excess of 10 petabytes, and we expect growth of up to 2 petabytes per year in the coming years. Therefore, it is important that we have systems that can handle such huge volumes of data,” says project manager Eric Toogood in Diskos.

Diskos 2.0 consists of two modules:

  • The database for subsurface data (seismic, well and production data). This has been awarded to Landmark.
  • The trade module (application for data swap, managed by Norwegian Oil and Gas), which is where user rights to the data are established. This module has been awarded to Kadme.

The contracts have a duration of 5 years plus 3 optional years. The total estimated value is NOK 157 million.

Unique opportunity to share data
“The huge volumes of data in Diskos give the industry a unique opportunity to both share data and perform analyses that can provide more insight and accuracy in exploration for oil and gas. Diskos 2.0 is being established as a scalable and flexible cloud service that gives users efficient access to seismic, well and production data,” says Maria Juul, head of the implementation effort.

Using open APIs, users can easily visualise and interpret data from the Diskos database using their own interpretation tools, eliminating the need to download the data first.

The IT architecture in the new solution also facilitates use of open industry standards such as the OSDU platform, and the use of digital tools such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to create added value from subsurface data.