Meyer Burger secures sustainable supply chain for production of highly efficient ‘clean’ solar modules

Source: press release, 22 April 2021

photo: Meyer Burger Technology Ltd
photo: Meyer Burger Technology Ltd

Meyer Burger Technology Ltd has entered into contracts with several suppliers for the supply of sustainably produced wafers, thus securing its new production of high-efficiency solar cells and modules. This will start in the second quarter of this year and will comprise an annual nominal capacity of 400 MW each. The wafers are sawn from ultra-pure silicon and are the basic material from which Meyer Burger manufactures its solar cells. All suppliers assure that the wafers are made of polysilicon, which comes from the European manufacturer Wacker.

This silicon allows Meyer Burger to meet the demands of the French market, for example, and to supply modules with a certified carbon footprint.

“By disclosing the supply chain, we underline our high standards for the sustainability of our products,” says Gunter Erfurt, CEO of Meyer Burger. “We not only want to produce the best solar modules, but also the cleanest.” The requirements for the raw material and the solar wafers include high environmental and social production standards as well as high quality requirements. “Our new patent-protected technology allows the use of particularly thin wafers, which can only be produced with high-quality polysilicon.”

Meyer Burger will present its new high-efficiency solar modules in an online premiere on April 27, 2021. By building its own solar production, Meyer Burger is bringing key steps of the solar supply chain back to Europe. “Our goal is to source as many components of our product as possible in Europe,” says Gunter Erfurt. Meyer Burger plans to build an annual production capacity of 5 GW each of solar cells and modules by 2026.