H-NAT 2021: The new marketplace that the industry’s movers deserve

Source: press release, 23 April 2021

illustration: H-NAT
illustration: H-NAT

H-NAT 2021 is the first Natural Hydrogen summit (June 2-3, online) and a must-attend event for all energy players to discover and deepen their knowledge about the new energy source that will undoubtedly transform on the energy market.

Natural Hydrogen is the best alternative to hydrocarbures and a growing industry
Today, hydrogen is presented as the best alternative for hydrocarbures in numerous uses, but it’s mainly manufactured from hydrocarbures and results in CO2 emissions. While it can still be manufactured using Electrolysis, it is indeed a more expensive option.

Thankfully, there is another option: Natural Hydrogen that is generated by geological processes. Emanations of hydrogen have been observed in many places, and natural H2 is now considered to be a serious source of truly green and inexpensive H2.

The industry is starting to grow: From small companies, start-ups, to the major players, are acquiring explorations permits while services industry is proposing tools to de-risk the exploration phase, which is resulting in the drilling of the first wells. While countries get organised to integrate this new resource and the research field is considered active, investors are betting big on the success of this new and emerging industry.

A unique opportunity for all stakeholders to learn about this new and promising market
H-NAT will gather the emerging and growing ecosystem around natural hydrogen, in order to explore the latest developments, network and partner with the industry’s players. For attendees, the event is a unique opportunity to:

  • Improve and update their knowledge on a disruptive energy: Natural hydrogen is a renewable, regular and decarbonised energy, and research on the topic has been abundant over the past few years. The summit is a unique opportunity to learn about this complex topic from the best experts in the world.
  • Understand the commercial and strategic importance of this new energy source: Natural H2 will have a huge impact on the energy market. A whole section of the conference program will be dedicated to understanding the challenges and opportunities around the topic, and a global vision of the potential of the new market.
  • Meet the first and leading players of the market: The virtual exhibition and networking tools will allow attendees to exchange with the teams and companies who made the most important breakthroughs about natural hydrogen, and access key information about the first projects in the world.

“This first forum will be the place to gather this bubbling community building a nascent brand new ecosystem at 360°, worldwide. A unique annual opportunity for all stakeholders to introduce or learn about this new promising market, showcase their latest products & services, build partnerships, establish and grow business relationships, raise financing, assemble teams…” shares Amélie Percheron, Head of the conference program.

A conference program designed to provide a 360 degree view on the topic
Over 60 top speakers will explore strategic and technical topics under H2, in a variety of formats : keynote speeches, panel discussions, use cases… All conference sessions will be streamed online and will be available on-demand for 2 months.

Visit www.hnatsummit.com to find out more and register.