TROVE Renewables webinar series to highlight status of key renewables technologies

Source: press release, 30 April 2021

illustration: TROVE Renewables Limited
illustration: TROVE Renewables Limited

TROVE Renewables Limited, has announced the launch of their free Webinar Series, with four separate webinars throughout May. The webinars will present the global status of key renewable energy projects, CCUS, Offshore Wind, Geothermal and Hydrogen projects.

The series will kick-off with CCUS on 6 May – an exciting area of the energy transition which is crucial as we work towards net zero. This will be followed by Offshore Wind – with over 750 GW of installed capacity, offshore wind is the largest sector in the renewables industry – we’ll be discussing how this will look moving forwards. In week 3, the webinar will cover geothermal power. Whilst geothermal has a lesser contribution to global renewable energy, it still has a part to play and there are some exciting projects. In the UK, the recent United Downs project in Cornwall has boosted the profile of geothermal in the media. Finally, on the 27th the focus will be on hydrogen. The buzzword in the energy industry at the moment, hydrogen is expected to form a key part of the energy transition.

Find out how all these fit into the “Energy Transition jigsaw” in this unique webinar series.

“Our webinar series will give great insight into four key technologies, used in the renewables industry. The attendees will gain an understanding of the current status of each energy technology and where it may be heading in the future. Using data that we have captured in TROVE KnowledgeBases, you will be able to visualise the specifications any project, globally,” says Mike Cooper, Managing Director at TROVE Renewables.

The Aberdeen based start-up, has developed a set of comprehensive global renewables technology databases. TROVE KnowledgeBases cover Wind, Wave, Tidal, Geothermal, CCUS, Hydrogen, Gas Storage and Energy Storage schemes from around the world. TROVE KnowledgeBases are a one-stop-shop for energy transition data.

Webinar Series Registration
Thursday 6th May marks the kick-off of the webinar series, with Jeremy Locket presenting the global status of CCUS. The webinars will be run every Thursday in May, 2021 at 1pm BST (London). For free registration and more information on each webinar, visit: