Bureau Veritas delivers on its Supply-R supply chain resilience solution, completing first pilot project with Shell

Source: press release, 6 May 2021

Supply-R is a risk management solution enhancing the responsiveness and reliability of supply chains
Supply-R is a risk management solution enhancing the responsiveness and reliability of supply chains (illustration: Bureau Veritas)

Bureau Veritas, provider of testing, inspection and certification services, and Shell have announced the successful completion of their Supply-R pilot project, conducted during the first quarter of 2021.

Developed and launched by Bureau Veritas in 2020, Supply-R is a digital platform and supply chain risk management solution designed to support business continuity and assess resilience along the supply chain. The pilot phase will help deploy the solution step by step. It will enable Bureau Veritas to customise the solution and develop the most ergonomic dashboards, which will be efficient both for operational teams and executive management.

Supply-R with Shell is the very first project. As a result of the pilot phase, Bureau Veritas has streamlined the execution process and fine-tuned the risk methodology.

“Today, companies want to consider the full picture of predictable risks related to their supply chains, taking into account the fact that external factors can create disruption. They need to build and implement new processes that can fix past problems and position their organisations to operate smoothly in the future. With Supply-R, we are offering a customisable modular structure that addresses critical elements for a resilient supply chain, such as business continuity, technical capabilities, HSE, data integrity & information security and logistic & inventory practices,” says Bruno Ferreyra, Oil & Gas Global Service Line Leader at Bureau Veritas. “We are very happy to have completed our very first pilot project with Shell with a constructive and collaborative approach that has confirmed the potential of our solution.”

The pilot performed with Shell resulted in defining the company’s specific risk profile and audit checklist. Bureau Veritas conducted independent on-site verification at factories in different countries across several product lines supplied to Shell. A large number of audits and corresponding reports were performed in a record time. The pilot resulted in a tailored risk index and an online dashboard to visualise the risk profiles of each supplier and provide an overall rating via a resilience index.

“Our existing assets today and our projects that build tomorrow, all require a supply chain that can deliver, safely and competitively. At Shell, by leveraging digitalisation of processes across our worldwide operations and using a holistic methodology, we can optimise risk management processes and manage our supply chain at a global level” adds James Haug, General Manager of Systems Engineering and Global Head of Engineering Management & Quality at Shell. “Our longstanding collaboration with Bureau Veritas helped test their model in real conditions, by auditing and scoring selected key suppliers. This process enabled us to quickly obtain a customised risk assessment sample based on Bureau Veritas’ risk-based methodology and field data collected independently. Overall, our suppliers’ performance is satisfactory, and Supply-R uncovered new areas for us to continually improve in conjunction with our supply chain partners. The Supply-Rdashboard is intuitive and complete and can enable deep dives into specific areas and findings. This tool is a good solution to our challenge of managing an increasing number of suppliers.”

Supply-R is a digital platform and supply chain risk management solution, which enables companies to assess if their supply chains are agile and resilient enough to cope with major disruptions and improve their resilience. This solution helps protect business continuity, by mapping out companies’ supply chains in order to give them complete control over production and enhance the responsiveness and reliability of their procurement sources. It supports risk management processes associated with large portfolios of suppliers spread across different geographies. It brings together a customised risk assessment of the supply chain, based on field data collected from independent on-site verification of critical suppliers. All information is collected and consolidated using a digital platform, enabling full visibility, at the level of granularity required to support better business decisions and minimise the risk of shortage.