Geyser Batteries to locate pilot production and R&D facilities in Mikkeli, Finland

Source: press release, 6 May 2021

illustration: Geyser Batteries
illustration: Geyser Batteries

Geyser Batteries, a Finnish cleantech start-up offering its customers high-performance batteries based on its proprietary water-based electrochemical technology, has announced its plan to establish a pilot production and R&D facilities in Mikkeli, Eastern Finland.

Based on support of private investors and Business Finland, Geyser Batteries Oy has conducted extensive R&D work in 2019-2021 on automation of manufacturing of its novel battery cells and modules and is now ready for implementation of the pilot production facility. 8 municipalities were tendered for this: considering their locations, operational and financial support from local government, cooperation opportunities and interest from local research and business communities. The proposal presented by Mikkeli has proven to be the most favorable for setting up a pilot production facility and an R&D centre by Geyser Batteries Oy. The company’s headquarters will remain in Helsinki.

The manufacturing in Mikkeli will be initiated in existing rental premises suitable for battery production. The facility is estimated to be operational by mid-2022 and employ at the beginning approximately 30 persons. Furthermore, the team is estimated to grow rapidly and have a significant impact on employment in the region.

Mikkeli is a town and municipality located in the Eastern Finland and is part of the Etelä-Savo region. The municipality has a population of over 50 thousand people, and it covers an area of over 3,000 square kilometres of which more than 10% is water. Mikkeli is closely connected to the Finnish capital Helsinki and has a strong industrial environment.

“We are extremely happy and excited to announce the new home for our future pilot production and R&D facilities. The choice between municipalities has not been easy, and we want to thank all the participants for their support and interest.

Mikkeli municipality offers us good connections, soft-landing services, available research facilities, and a lot of support. Their help and genuine assistance are very valuable for us. Beyond the production facility, we are excited about cooperation opportunities in the region as we are starting a fascinating pilot project, targeting a massive grid power management market. We are very much looking forward to working in Mikkeli and expanding our team there,” says Andrey Shigaev, CEO of Geyser Batteries.

“Mikkeli warmly welcomes Geyser Batteries. We see this as a great opportunity to foster growth of the new cleantech industry in our city. I believe our cooperation network can offer excellent environment for Geyser Batteries to achieve their objectives,” says Juha Kauppinen, CEO of Mikkeli Development Miksei.