TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING collects actual operation data by IoS-OP

Source: press release, 12 May 2021

IoS-OP – a platform for data distribution and utilisation under common rules
IoS-OP – a platform for data distribution and utilisation under common rules (illustration: ShipDC)

TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING Co., Ltd. has started to collect actual operation data for a new ship under construction by IoS-OP – a universal platform that enables the sharing of ship operation data among shipbuilders, manufacturers, and related service providers without compromising profits of data providers.

The data to be collected includes the draft and shaft horsepower as well as the information from Voyage Data Recorder (VDR), and fuel consumption and power consumption from the main engine, generator, and auxiliary machineries, which amounts to about 800 items.

The monitoring system is installed in the 82,000 DWT bulk carrier currently under construction, and its data measurement is started from the sea trial. The collected data will be shared between the shipyard and shipowner through ShipDC Portal provided by ShipDC on IoS-OP and will be utilised for the development of new ship types based on the understanding of machineries’ condition and the evaluation of the ship’s performance.

ShipDC will continue to work together with its stakeholders to provide an infrastructure for the collection, distribution, and utilisation of data in the maritime industry, with IoS-OP at the core, and will pursue safety, environmental contribution, and economic rationality through the utilisation of data.