TGS collaborates with Canadian Discovery to develop a regional CO₂ storage atlas

Source: press release, 19 May 2021

photo: TGS
photo: TGS

TGS, a global provider of energy data and intelligence, has announced that it is developing a regional level CO2 storage risk assessment atlas for North America in collaboration with consultancy firm Canadian Discovery Ltd.

The atlas, explicitly designed for use as a screening and assessment tool for subsurface carbon storage sites, will consist of an interpretation data set delivered in a digital atlas format. Data will be visualised via TGS’ user-friendly Pathfinder app for instant, interactive analysis of potential CCS hubs and subsurface information to assess existing geologic resources potentially suitable for carbon storage.

“Carbon capture and storage technology are critical for meeting climate targets. Storing CO2 in deep underground formations in a safe, secure and permanent fashion requires a thorough understanding of subsurface complexities and associated risks. TGS is uniquely positioned to develop this assessment tool by leveraging its comprehensive subsurface data and knowledge,” states Katja Akentieva, Vice President of TGS New Energy Solutions for the Western Hemisphere.

The digital atlas data will include consistent volumetrics with risk and confidence assessments and prospect ranking based on various criteria, along with supporting data appendices. The first phase of the atlas project will focus on enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and depleted reservoirs in the US onshore Gulf Coast region and will be available in Q3, 2021.

The TGS data library holds over 9 million well logs, including Analytics Ready LAS (ARLAS) products. Onshore interpretation products include 19 key basins covered by Basin Temperature Models (BTMs) and have over 1 million hand-interpreted formation tops.