Expanded range of smart accessories give piezoelectric sensors a head start

Source: press release, 27 May 2021

Kistler expands its range of equipment for piezoelectric sensors
Kistler expands its range of equipment for piezoelectric sensors (photo: Kistler Group)

The Kistler Group expands its range of smart accessory equipment to ensure that piezoelectric sensors can be perfectly and securely positioned in any individual measuring system. Three-dimensional drawings and step-by step instructions make the installation process easy. Adapters, connector extenders and special reamers ensure that sensors are snugly placed into position and transmit signals perfectly. If required, they can be connected to screw-mount cable lines that offer protection even if permanently submersed in water.

In highly demanding measuring applications, the right sensor is crucial – but so is measuring periphery that meets the challenges of the respective application. Kistler offers its customers help at every step, starting with the planning documents. Testing engineers can download 3D CAD models of any sensor or adapter from the manufacturer’s webpage. This allows them to decide how best to fit the sensor and its peripheral equipment.

The installation process can be streamlined if using a mounting adapter, available in in different formats, either in metric or empirical threads. The sensor can simply be fitted into the adapter without any further work. In other circumstances, it may be necessary to flush-mount the sensor in a machine, requiring boring a hole. Special reamers help to ensure a perfect fit. When mechanical structures cannot be weakened, or if a BNC- or TNC-connection is preferred, Kistler engineers recommend connector extenders from their vast portfolio.

Once the set-up is in place, it may be necessary to test it. There are situations when engineers cannot be sure if the pressure may exceed the sensor’s maximum load. This is where sensor dummies come in. They allow thorough testing without potential damage to expensive sensors. They will also be helpful to extend a sensor’s lifetime, for example, when cycle tests are being done without needing pressure measurements. By simply replacing the actual sensor with its dummy equivalent, the sensor can be rested and reused for additional testing cycles at a later point.

Piezoelectric measurement technology requires highly insulating cables to ensure signal transmission with low loss. In some testing environments, for example in research laboratories for shipbuilding and marine, special waterproof equipment may be necessary. Kistler now offers an expanded range of waterproof sensor accessories with screw mount cable lines that meet IP protection class 68, providing protection even if permanently submersed in fresh water. This gives users additional flexibility and saves costs. If a screw mount cable is irreparably damaged, it is just the cable and not the sensor that needs to be replaced.

“We strive to make sure that our customers find a measurement solution that fits their particular circumstances,” says Ricardo Rodrigo, Product Manager Pressure BU Test & Measurement at Kistler. “Each test-and-measurement environment is different, so there cannot be a one-size-fits-all solution. Our aim is to help customers to help themselves by providing the smart accessories and easy-to-follow instructions that they need.”