nVent launches high power retention technology with new nVent RAYCHEM HTV heating cable

Source: press release, 2 June 2021

New semi-conductive polymer nanocomposite provides higher power retention at increased temperatures
New semi-conductive polymer nanocomposite provides higher power retention at increased temperatures (illustration: nVent)

nVent Electric plc, a global provider of electrical connection and protection solutions, has launched its newest nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating heating cable, the nVent RAYCHEM HTV. The new heating cable will be used in critical industrial applications with high exposure or maintenance temperatures. Offering superior levels of high power retention (HPR) during a design life of more than three decades, the brand new self-regulating heating cable, nVent RAYCHEM HTV, meets stringent demands for maximum process integrity while protecting people, processes and infrastructure.

Increased performance, extended design life
nVent RAYCHEM HTV surpasses previous self-regulating heating cables in performance and design life. Specifically designed for high temperature environments, the cable can operate under high continuous operating temperatures of 205° C/400° F and withstand temperatures up to 260° C/500° F. Its power retention levels are unparalleled: after 10 years of performance at 205° C/400° F, the HTV cable retains 95% of its power output. This not only reduces downtime risk and maintenance costs for decades, it also increases plant safety and productivity.

“We understand how important day-to-day operational integrity is,” says Marty Lee, nVent vice president of product management. “While long-term design life is important, the power retention profile over time is equally important. With 95% power retention for 10 years and a more than 30-year design life, our customers can be confident of improved process integrity and lower contingencies for decades to come. In an increasingly electrified world, the HTV heating cable will save our customers money and increase their overall operational efficiencies.”

New materials and ground-breaking research and development
To create such a high-performance heating cable, nVent turned to new materials, as well as new developments in nanotechnology and thermal structuring of the materials.

“The nVent RAYCHEM name has long been synonymous with innovative science; true R&D. nVent still operates that way today,” says Linda Kiss, nVent vice president of engineering. “We have almost 75 years of expertise in polymer materials science and have gained new knowledge about how best to construct the highest temperature composites. We created a ground-breaking, new semi-conductive polymer nanocomposite material with increased thermal stability, which provides superior power retention at high temperatures.”

nVent RAYCHEM heat tracing cables are already well known for their exceptional freeze protection capabilities and the maintenance of critical process temperatures, in many industrial facilities around the world. From critical chemicals to power plants, from oil & gas to pharmaceutical and renewable industries, nVent RAYCHEM products and solutions are associated with reliability, high-caliber performance and long operational life. The new nVent RAYCHEM HTV self-regulating heating cable will build upon this reputation by offering industrial plant owners the opportunity to advance their process integrity and operational efficiency for decades to come.

The nVent RAYCHEM HTV heating cable is internationally certified for use in hazardous areas, comes with a 10-year product warranty and is now globally available.