C-Innovation successfully completes remote survey in Guyana from its US headquarters

Source: press release, 14 June 2021

C-I’s remote survey services underway in its US headquarters
C-I’s remote survey services underway in its US headquarters (photo: C-I)

C-Innovation, LLC (C-I), an affiliate of Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) and its family of companies, has successfully completed its first remote survey scope in Guyana.

Remote survey operations are based in C-I’s headquarters in Mandeville, Louisiana, USA and conducted by C-Survey (C-S), an internal division of C-I. Remote survey is a very new and innovative technology and C-I is one of the first companies in the world to complete this work successfully.

This type of survey services enables C-S to be fully operational 24/7 without personnel being onboard the vessel, eliminating associated travel time and expenses, offshore health and safety exposure, and the need for COVID-19 related quarantines.

Tim Bingham, survey manager, C-I, says, “We are very excited to begin offering remote survey services to our clients and look forward to the continued growth of remote survey capabilities throughout the industry.”

Richard J Bourque, COO, C-I, adds, “Bringing this capability to market is the result of a lot of time and hard work put in by our dedicated onshore and offshore personnel. We are proud to have another ‘first’ for C-I.”