TGS announces new 3D imaging program in the US Gulf of Mexico

Source: press release, 21 June 2021

TGS Sophies Resolve Refocus 3D in the US Gulf of Mexico
TGS Sophies Resolve Refocus 3D in the US Gulf of Mexico (illustration: TGS)

TGS, a global provider of energy data and intelligence, has announced Sophies Resolve Refocus 3D, an OBC and NAZ imaging program in the US Gulf of Mexico.

The program includes approximately 6,175 square kilometres of reprocessed 3D seismic data to provide a high-quality regional product, helping E&Ps further explore new and existing plays in this area. Sophies Resolve Refocus 3D marks the next phase of high-quality imaging over the mature, hydrocarbon-producing areas of South Timbalier, Grand Isle and Ewing Bank.

By applying advanced imaging techniques utilising its proprietary Dynamic Matching FWI imaging technology in this highly successful region, TGS will further illuminate the key subsurface structures and provide new insight into the prospectivity within the deeper sub-salt section. Additionally, reprocessing the dataset provides a sustainable way to improve the subsurface knowledge in the region, further advancing the company’s overall commitment to lowering environmental footprints.

Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS, comments, “The Gulf of Mexico remains a top priority for TGS. By utilising the latest imaging techniques, this program provides our customers with the most comprehensive view of the subsurface so they can make the best decisions about their investments – underpinning our commitments to customer service and sustainable operations. Having the best possible understanding of the subsurface also allows TGS to optimise future acquisition investments.”

The project commenced in Q2 of 2021, with final data available in Q3 2022.